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Henry & George

Henry & George is a collection of animal photography from world-renowned photographer Rachael Mckenna. From frogs to dogs, over the last 30 years, Mckenna has captured incredible images of animals from around the world in a moving yet quirky manner. Her photography allures a sense of connection to the importance of animals in our lives.


Wanting to have a separate store for her collection of animal prints, Mckenna approached us to design a brand story and experience that captures her values as a photographer. We thought it was only fitting to build the brand around her biggest inspiration from her very own life – her chocolate brown Newfoundland dog, Henry, and his best friend George, another Newfoundland.


We worked alongside Mckenna to visually represent Henry & George in a playful and moving way that captured their friendship, cheekiness and overall love for them. We designed the branding and logo, developed and designed the website, alongside media content. Part of our objectives was not only to increase brand awareness through SEO but also to drive sales. We developed an effective ad strategy across NZ, AUS and the US, and created tangible results using Goggle Ads and Google Analytics.


The Henry and George Store is a beautiful mix of charm and elegance, with a touch of quirky perpetuity.

Branding + Identity + Videography + eCommerce Website + Strategy

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